Gameside's Backstory

Dave came up with the Gameside 3 Tier Bleacher from his experience coaching school basketball in his local 3 court stadium. Each night there were hundreds of kids having fun, improving their skills, learning about teamwork, and standing uncomfortably around the perimeter of the gym were parents, grandparents and other supporters, there to cheer the players on but with absolutely no facilities to seat them. He’s seen this all over the country, parents standing in doorways, trying not to get in the way but desperate to catch a glimpse of their child giving it their all. He wanted a way to get these passionate supporters comfortably seated to the side of the court and elevated so they could cheer their children on and the children could see them.

Dave wanted to improve the experience for everyone by creating some kind of seating which would fit where most couldn’t, so got work designing and creating The 3 Tier Bleacher.