The 3 Tier Mobile Bleacher

Designed to revolutionise the spectator experience and to fit where most bleachers can’t!

The Gameside 3 Tier Bleacher was designed in NZ to ensure passionate supporters can be comfortably seated on the sideline so they can cheer their friends and family on. Making provision for spectators is as important as having a court for the participants to play. Spectators are a crucial component of the sporting experience. 


The 3 tier bleacher has a capacity of 27 adults. It is only 1.55 m wide so can be used on courts with a minimum of 2.4 m wall to courtside. It is 4.2 m long and 2.15 m to the top of the safety rail.


The 3 tier bleacher has been designed to be tough. It can be jumped on, overloaded and cope with wear and tear. It is made of hot dip galvanised steel and polyurethaned NZ radiata pine.


The 3 Tier bleacher is very mobile. It has 6 heavy duty 150mm diameter wheels which allow it to be easily moved by one person. The 4 pivoting wheels are lockable. 


The bottom seat folds up for moving and storage reducing the area needed to store the bleacher to 4.2m by 1.0m. 

Hot dipped galvonised steel. 
Polyeurethaned eX150x40 Radiata Pine seating. 
6 Heavy Duty 150mm Castors.